PDQ Temporaries

We have filed a Class Action Complaint against PDQ Temporaries, Inc.  Read the Complaint here. PDQ Class Action Complaint

We are investigating a claim against PDQ Temporaries for violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”).  Under the FCRA the employer is required to provide a stand-alone disclosure form to receive an applicant’s consent before performing a background check.

We are investigating whether PDQ provides the appropriate disclosure before running background checks.

Under the FCRA an employer must also give a individual a copy of a background check before the employer can take adverse action against the applicant or employee.  This means the employer cannot reject an individual based on information in a background check unless the employer first give the individual a copy of the background check report and giving the individual an opportunity to explain the contents of the report.

If you have applied for a job with PDQ and/or been denied a job because of information on a background check, please contact me to discuss.